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The Company

Your success is our business. We believe in operational time savings to reduce cost hence increasing your profit, and we know just how to do that.


We're prepared to help you in your Office Operational Activities at any level, from training or practical assistance to help you make the most of your existing staff and Microsoft Office


The Director

Founded by Ziyad Peerbaye, a Microsoft Certified Trainer with experience in the field of training, coaching and development since 2005, O-Solve often partners with other Soft Skills Training Institutions to add value to their training programme.

Ziyad Peerbaye is a passionate of automation and has a practical approach in problem solving. Among the various projects he has designed, you will find on the Mauritian Market his revolutionary Payroll System easily adapted to any field of business.


Our Expertise

With experience in the Microsoft Office Package, Payroll System and Automation of Tasks, we thrive on sharing our experience and knowledge to help you make a success of your business. Our track record proves that whether through training or system development, our clients always end up with high Return on Investment. 

Transform your business today.

Our Services

[ - MQA Approved Training - ]


As an MQA Approved Training Institution, we make it a must to offer the best experience and result to our client. Our training programme is often tailor-made to suit our audience. 

A FREE evaluation of the participants are done before the training starts as well as a post training assistance can be carried out to offer you a complete service to guarantee your investment.

Our MAIN courses at all levels are:

  1. Microsoft Access
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft Excel with VBA (Programming)
  4. Microsoft Outlook
  5. Microsoft Power Point
  6. Microsoft Project
  7. Microsoft Word

[ - Learn Anytime, Anywhere - ]


Since the establishment of O-Solve, we work in partnership with MYCONNECTING, a European leader in On-line Training. 

Our Team composes of Microsoft Office Expert Trainers. Each one has his own speciality and excel in it.

With the success of this approach in Europe, we're also proposing, since 2016, the  on-line training to Mauritian companies and individuals.

All you need to have is:

  1. A Good Internet connection
  2. A Laptop or Pc
  3. A Skype account
  4. An Earphone

[ - One-To-One - ]


 With experience since 2008, we have found that  the investment of a client on classical training for an employee is around 10 times more than the investment on a consultancy.

  Consultancy or One-To-One approach can be the best investment for a client. We work with the participants on his files, problems and tasks throughout the training programme at his office

The consultancy plan consists of:

  1. Analysing the need of the client;
  2. Design the exact training plan;
  3. At the end of the consultancy session, the client has exactly the training that he/she needs;
  4. No opportunity cost is incurred in terms of the employee’s time being wasted in displacement;

[ - Payroll System - ]


 Our Payroll System, is a product of years of work and research from Accounting and Payroll Specialist in the Mauritian context. 

Why this software?

  1. Easy to use
  2. No Accounting Skills required
  3. Training is HRDC Refundable
  4. No Yearly subscription
  5. 3 Months FREE Support


  1. One click pay slip generator
  2. Automated monthly statements
  3. Leaves summary per employee
  4. Calculation of Nps, Nsf and Taxe
  5. Various CSV file generator
  6. Statement of Emoluments

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[ - Business Automated Solutions - ]


If you find your organisation engulf in time-consuming and error prone tasks, O-Solve can provide you with a simplified solution.

Whatever your field of business, O-Solve will find a solution to ease your work, make your processes more organised and make your tasks automated to the maximum possible. 

“No new software needs to be bought, use your available ones.”

Through the use of Microsoft Excel and VBA Programming, we have created the below systems by automating long processes:

  1. Survey / Assessment System.
  2. Quote and Invoicing System.
  3. Statistical Reporting Tool.
  4. Billboard Management System.
  5. Clocking Extraction Reporting.
  6. Insurance Claims Analysis
  7. and more..

[ - Others - ]


New Services Coming Soon

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